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Why Most "Entrepreneurs"​ Are Talking Sh*t

First and foremost, apologies it's been a while, we've been highly focused on growing the business, sales and operations, now that we're done and finally hit our 1,122 client goal (yeah I'm a bit weird like that) I'll be writing and posting a lot more... Anywho...

Another day, another thing that absolutely pisses me off. You've seen them right? Of course you have, no? They're every goddamn where!

The adverts, the damn adverts! "Start a business your life can be as awesome as mine!", "My simple 5 steps to building a multi-trillion a day business in only 1 hour!" and of course, simply the best advert in human history...

If you've seen the ad, you probably read that in his voice too right? Hilarious how we're conditioned right? (Sarcasm and jokes aside, from a marketing perspective though this was a genius ad.)

I want to put an end to this absolute nonsense. Thing is, you get all of these people spending money on adverts that are blasted at you saying how "awesome" having a business is and how only their way will work, but because it's all about them grabbing your cash, they're missing a real truth which I need to highlight to you.

It's pretty simple to be honest, having a job is fucking awesome. If you're doing something you enjoy, there's real opportunity for growth, and your managers are working with you to help you to grow!

It's true that anyone can start a business in this day and age, hell it's so insanely accessible now that most people think "why the hell wouldn't I do this". I mean hell, you have Dropshipping, brick and mortar cafes, restaurantes, hipster bars and god only knows what else! Let me put this across in a much more honest way that may make you stop and think. Why start a business if you're already happy, content, enjoying life and having free time?

I've seen many people who have thanks to this BS idea that you "Must have a business to be considered a successful person" mindset, who have eventually left their happy life working with someone else, to come depressed, stressed, anxious and have even time for even their family!

At the end of the day, we all know life isn't anything to do with the chase of money, in saying that, trust me it helps relieve a ton of stress that I admit. On the flip handside I really want to say that all of this show and tell, doesn't mean with all of this flashy travelling with jets, wearing ludicrously expensive clothing, or even going onto social media and seeing all of these "happy families" etc that are jammed down your throat everyday, that it isn't, in any shape or form happiness. We know that.

Personally I believe that we're all looking for happiness, I don't want you to chase a false one.

Saying this as someone who has successful businesses, clients in more than 150 countries some even being multiple billion a year plus in their revenue, if you're happy, I absolutely beg you, don't be fucking stupid. Don't listen to the guru's selling you their sh*t ideas. Do your own thing, if you're happy in whatever it is you're doing, keep on doing it!! Don't let anyone change that or take away that happiness from you by pouring their likes or money into your mouth and making you drink their sh*t coctail.

Only move onto something different if you want to, not because someone else's idea, phrase, life says that you'll be happier. Parting note...

If something's not broken, don't try to fix it.

MJR out.

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