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This Question Is Ruining Your Life, All It Needs Is A Different Ending

We all find ourselves at some point doubting ourselves for one reason or another. We both have problems with doubting others too, where that be in a relationship, hiring a new employee, meeting a new acquaintance, opening up to someone about something. Most of the time we worry, it's caused by two simple words. You and I are asking a question that starts with


"What If?".


You know what I'm saying, that conversation that happens internally within your mind whenever you feel self doubt, like What if they break up with me? What if I fail? What if he doesn't understand? What if it doesn't work? What if they don't work as hard as they say? What if I'm not good enough? What if they don't like me saying that? Oh, what if, what if.

Allow me to ask, do you think that will actually enable you to do your best? Enable you to actually try? Encourage you to go flat out? Will asking yourself that allow you to make the best of your opportunities? Of course bloody not.

There's only one time that you should ask a question starting with "What if?" And that is simply...

If you're able to remove those "What if *put any negative here* happens" and replace them with "What if *positive outcome* happens" could you imagine how free you would be from worry?

What if you can? Sure, not every situation will have that positive outcome that we all want, but let me finish with this...

It's better to have an "oops", than a "what if" that never came to fruition.

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Michael J Ringer

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