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5 Steps To Being Truly Happy

Michael J Ringer

Each and every one of us is searching for the same thing, happiness. Some of us have obtained it, most of us are yet to get a taste of the honey. Let's look at what the word "Happy" actually means:




1.feeling or showing pleasure or contentment."Melissa came in looking happy and excited"


As a speaker & thought leader I get asked on a daily basis "How can I be happy?" and it's simple, happiness is progression. Progression in your personal growth, your business growing, watching your children grow older, your bank account growing, some of us even love our LinkedIn connections growing!

True happiness is found in growth.

We claim we're "too busy" (read the previous article about why this is bull sh*!) too busy to read, go to seminars, to learn, get the work done that we have to, too busy to set goals, to spend time on growing our relationships, too busy to get that one last thing on our to-do list out of the way. Then in the same breath you say you want to be happy? Sorry but that just doesn't cut the mustard with me. All I can hear you saying is that "I'm too busy to be happy".

If you're stagnant, if you're not learning, if you're not spending time growing your relationships, if you're not growing your business, if you're doing the same sh*t day in day out, chances are you're not happy. Why? That's simple, because you're not growing! Being comfortable and grateful of where you are is undeniably important, but you can only do it for so long.

I'm not a particularly optimistic person, I'm a realist. As Jim Rohn put it...


“Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.”


Here's 5 steps to go, get off your ass and actually start progressing to happiness:

1) Take Action & Get Rid Of All Excuses - “this is not the right time” “I don’t have enough money” or “ I lack the resources in order to be able to start.” Sound familiar? Do what you can with what you have now, you'll be shocked with the results. Excuses never solve anything, only encourage more disagreement, more disparity, more hate, more division, let me ask you, do you think that will make you happy?

2) Have A Goals List & A To Do List - Your goals should get you damn excited! If you're not excited about your goals, do you think you'll actually see it through to the end? Most of us have already passed up on our New Years Resolutions (again!) because the goal wasn't big enough to keep you excited about it! You need to realize that a tedious to-do list is there to help you reach your goal. If you're not excited, you won't achieve. Each step forward brings you closer to happiness.

3) Always remember, TICK TOCK - Let me be frank with you here, you're going to die. Get off your high horse. Every second that you waste is gone, you'll never get it back, never get a second chance. You have each 86,400 seconds in a day, what have you done with yours in the past 24 hours? Get things done in your 86,400 and you'll feel more accomplished and realize you're progressing, leading to happiness.

4) Publicly Commit To Your Goals - Most people aren't as self critical as I am, if you don't feel let down, angry, disappointed in yourself when you don't acheive a goal, make sure you will by letting everyone else know. Put pressure on yourself, have everyone know what your goals are. When you have so many people watching, waiting to see if you're going to achieve it, you hustle 10x harder & 10x smarter. FYI, my number one goal this year is to help 6 million people. Yes, you read that right, 6 MILLION.

5) Take Happiness Seriously - Look, happiness is a serious thing. It's problematic to say the least when we ignore this. Communities that are filled with unhappy unfulfilled people become a breeding ground for social discontent. Unhappy workplaces are characterized by low productivity, sickness absence, poor customer service or low quality products. Communities and areas with unhappy people tend to be a breeding ground of violence, hate and disharmony.

Happiness is a decision, happiness is your duty, happiness is there for you, start growing. Go and make it.

Michael J Ringer

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