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How To Become Self Disciplined In 5 Simple Steps Even If You're Lazy

I read a quote from Jim Rohn a few years ago which radically changed my perspective on my life and gave me the wake up call I needed. That quote was:


"We must endure one of two pains, either the pain of discipline, or the pain of regret."


Being someone that would do anything in halves I realized just how important this one change would be in my life. We all tend to fall into some form of laziness at some point or another. We each know what we have to do to be happy, successful, healthy, have a great relationship, but we rarely do what is required because we lack self discipline.

Look, you know that "An apple a day keeps the doctor away", do you eat one a day? You know that "the rich use money to make money", do you use your income to build your wealth or do you go and blow it all? You're not an idiot, you already know what to do, self discipline is actually doing it, you not doing it, consistently, will make you an idiot.


"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment"


If you are the person who knows what to do, but doesn't know where to start, you must do these simple 5 steps.

1. Establish your priorities – once you determine what’s really important discipline is easier because there are fewer distractions.

2. Work on one priority at a time – this makes the process of discipline easier because you have a definite focus and are not being distracted. Organize yourself and plan exactly how you will use your time.

3. Accept responsibility – You are always responsible, for your successes, and for your failures.

4. Remind yourself daily of the benefits - Of cultivating or of the setbacks for not cultivating discipline in specified areas. We often don’t discipline ourselves because we forget why we’re doing it. Write a few sentences or a short list and always have this before you. Personally, I write out my goals at least twice a day, once in the morning when I wake, before I go to sleep, and when things go wrong.

5. Reward yourself – When you’ve achieved your target then and only then do you deserve to reward yourself. Perhaps now’s a good time buy that shirt or go on that night out with your friends you've been thinking about!

It's simple, in life you will always have a choice of two paths. Play now and pay later, or pay now and play later.

Let me finish with one final thought, your life will either serve as a warning or an example self discipline or the lack of, will decide which.

Michael J Ringer

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