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Become a capable man today.

Plan, act, guide.

GO deep

In order to know that you're doing wrong, first, you'll need to know what is right. if you're doing something for the first time, you're not going to know what you're doing.


You're living you're likely doing so like most, with no plan, guidance, example, chances are you're not where you want to be, or even close. I'm here to help.

Video Of The Week

"someone who is trying their best."

Someone that's trying his best to improve, helps others to do so for themselves.

Someone that will try their best to help you.

Someone that is trying their best, to be the best to serve others, to be so on their own.


It's not an option for me, it's a duty.

Who Is Michael?

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What is being said?

"You've made me become more confident about expressing myself and my opinions. You taught me to become my own person and I couldn't be more thankful to have met and listened to someone as amazing as you! You have made a HUGE impact on my life, without you I probably wouldn't be the person I am today. So, once again thank you very much! A message isn't long enough to explain how much you have changed my life and how much I respect you."

Sarah Gajus, Charlotte, North Carolina

"You have helped me with believing in myself and being able to find my purpose. You even made me cry listening to you haha but happy tears. From what I have heard and seen you are one of the most warm kind hearted man, seeking for happiness and being able to help people find their motivation and reason to be who they want to be ."

Jasmine Vaquez, Los Angeles, California

You lead by example in business and are generous at every turn. You want success for good people and it shines through not just in words - but in your actions! We are so lucky to have you in our life as a friend but also on our growth team! Thank you.."

Laura McGregor, CEO, Vancouver Is. Canada

"Hi Michael, Again infinitely thank you for taking the time after the talk to speak to me. I really feel obliged to say that you haven't just inspired me but ever since we met those months ago I've been focused on everthing in my life brick by brick!"
Marisela Rodriguez, Dallas, Texas


"After the talk, I've now left the group of people I've been hanging around recently. Over the past month my life and confidence has skyrocketed, only thanks to your advice, I'm no longer wasting time. I was in a rut and a really bad space and couldn't even see it. So thank you.."
Scarlet V.P Anderson, London, UK

"Hey, I know you must get so many of these messages a day but thankyou for lastnight on periscope! you answered my selfharm question and changed my mind about doing it lastnight, despite me being super close! You truly touched me when you said you can relate and you have scars too, you're honestly an amazing guy."

Charlie Godden*, St Petersburg, Russia

*Not real name due to sensitivity*

"I am a disabled, divorced woman that has had a very low esteem most of my life. My 17 year, abusive, marriage did not help my esteem AT ALL! I have Spina Bifida, I was paralyzed from the waist down & my parents were told I would never walk. At 17 months I began walking. So I've been a fighter since day 1! Both of my parents are deaf, so growing up with a disability was normal to me. I didn't learn to feel different until society began to remind me I was "not normal"! All my life I've had the motto "Tell me I can't do something, and I'll show you I can" may not be the way you do it, but I'll improvise & get it done! After my divorce I began to have lower self esteem, which I did not think was possible. You inspire me, not just to make me want to be a better person but to help everyone near me to be better too. I am working hard at trying to like myself. Imperfections and all. I am imperfectly perfect! The way you share your life story, and show us a different perspective on life means so much to me. I am a work in progress, but with your help/talks and videos I strive to do better! Your Periscopes have quickly become my favorite! Thank you for caring so much about people & wanting us to realize our worth! You truly are an inspiration!"

Lisa Bell Frazier, NY, NY

Michael J Ringer
Michael J Ringer
Michael J Ringer
Michael J Ringer
Michael J Ringer
Michael J Ringer
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